Life Time Warranty
Horsch Motors stands by its work, that’s why we warranty all paint jobs on new factory panels and CAPA certified aftermarket parts when using Sherwin Williams paint products.
Complete Collision Repair
Horsch Motors performs quality vehicle repairs Small fender benders to complete restorations
Hail Repair
Hail Repair can be fixed ether conventionally or by Paintless Dent Repair (which is massaging the dents back to flat from the back side) at Horsch Motors. Just depending on your preference.
Paint Repair
Paint protects and represents your vehicle. To help you keep your car looking its best we use the best products and procedures to ensure a good finish. From full paint jobs and every day repairs, to classic cars and custom paint, we got you covered.
All painting is done with high quality Sherwin Williams products to ensure the best repair. We also take advantage of in house paint mixing to assist with product quality, matching colors, and turnaround time. All painting is done in a paint booth so we can control the environment we paint in and protect the one we live in.
Insurance Claims
Dealing with Insurance claims can be stressful. Let us help make it as painless as possible. Making calls, sending estimates, and negotiating repairs to make sure you car is fixed right.
We know running a company is hard, much less keeping a track of multiple vehicles. Let us help you with on sight estimates, pickup and delivery, and faster turnaround time to get your vehicle back on the road.
Door Components Repair
Everything from regulators and locks to hinges and handles can go bad in doors, but with solid parts distributor, we can usually sneak your car in and have it done the same day.
Windshield Repair
We replace cracked or broken windshields at Horsch Motors and can also fix rock chips to prevent further cracking.
Pickup and Delivery
Can’t find the time or the extra driver to take your vehicle to the shop? Call Horsch Motors local pickup and delivery any time.
At Home Estimates
Getting an estimate is the first step in fixing your car. Make that step a little easier with at home estimate.
Unibody and Full Frame Repair
Free Estimates
Free Estimates any time just stop in or call ahead.
Inside Storage
Window broke out or don’t want your damage vehicle outside while awaiting repairs. We have plenty of inside storage to protect your vehicle from the elements.
Rust Repair
New and old cars still fall victim to rust damage. Get it fix right by removing damaged material and replacing it with new metal.
Suspension Repairs
Some accidents also involve suspension damage and may make your car immobile. Have it towed to Horsch Motors so we can get started on the repair process. Can also arrange a wrecker if needed.
Custom Modifications
Custom paint or stripping can put the final touch on your ride. Also modifications such as bed liners and rock chip protections can be done.
Buffing and Waxing
We can also buff out light scratches and protect your paint with a high speed waxing.